Below are some frequently asked questions about the Baakaakonaanan Ishkwaandemonan project. If you have a question and answer that is not asked and answered on these pages, please contact Bob Graham by email (employeroutreach@nswpb.ca) or phone (807-346-2949), or visit the NSWPB website.

What is Baakaakonaanan Ishkwaandemonan?

BI is a positive reinforcement project combined with a mass social media campaign that not only provides employers with encouragement and tips towards hiring a diverse workforce, but also makes the public aware of current positive initiatives. The BI project encourages employers to make use of existing services in the community to support in hiring and retaining Newcomers and Indigenous employees.

How does it work?

Employers can participate by registering at the Participate Now page; employers will receive an information package in which there are resources in relation to hiring from the various atypical available, skilled labour pools. Employers will receive points for participating in workplace education and training on how to create welcoming workplaces.

Why should Employers participate?

The BI project will also feature a mass Positive Messaging social media campaignthat will feature both participants and Employer Champions. The idea behind the social media campaign is to begin to highlight the current success and overcoming of barriers that the rest of Ontario is currently experiencing working with the atypical labour pool.

Each participant will receive free online advertising; have an opportunity to be featured in various local media outlets; receive onsite recognition via a visible and recognizable logo, as well as promotion to job developers and employment agencies as a ‘welcoming workplace’.

Who should participate?

We have chosen to pilot the projects in two rural communities, with physical outreach; and we are challenging the employers in the City of Thunder Bay to take initiative and sign up for the program, theoretically testing physical outreach to grow a following versus an organic growth among city employers. If you are an Employer within the Local Employment Planning Council catchment area, feel free to get in touch with Bob at employeroutreach@nswpb.ca

How long is the pilot?

The pilot ran over the course of four months. It has taken some time to put this project together and we would like to thank our team for pushing hard to get this important project off the ground. After the four month pilot, we have continued to work with local partners to carry the torch until the Ministry can issue its evaluation of the project.

What type of workshops will be available for employers?

We will be working with local businesses, chambers and municipalities to hold three workplace education and training sessions open to participants and other interested individuals. We are open to working with other partners to deliver the events. If you have or know of someone who might be interested in co-hosting an event please let us know.

What is an Employer Champion?

An employer champion is an employer who has been identified by project staff as a leader in workforce diversity. They are to be utilized as peer resources for other employers looking for advice. They are local advocates for the program as well as the first participating employers. If you know of an employer you think should be profiled, please contact Bob Graham at employeroutreach@nswpb.ca

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This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

Commitment to Accessibility

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