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Community partnerships are the mainstay of our Planning Board and together with our stakeholders, we are working to improve the quality of life for all in our region. On any given day, the Board can be found participating in diverse partnership activities such as literacy, regional economic development, apprenticeship, workplace preparation programs, youth out migration and skills development for women.

In this section, you will find links to final reports and other products development by the LEPC over the past several years.

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Technology And The Skilled Trades Animation VideoAssessing Labour Market Shortages In The City Of Thunder BayThe Economic Impact Of Automation On Northern Ontario’s EconomyHuman Capital Series - Thunder Bay DistrictVideo For Industry PartnersMining Sector Employment Timeline InstructionsMining Sector Employment Timeline Final ReportBilingual Employment Gaps In Northwestern OntarioChanging The Dialogue: Indigenous Cultural Awareness Training, Final ReportHuman Capital Series - Thunder Bay DistrictGuide To Developing Indigenous Inclusion PoliciesService Coordination In Employment And Mental Health Service NetworksEmployerOne Consultations ReportOn The Road To Building A Superior Workforce, 2018-2019 Community Labour Market PlanBaakaakonaanan Ishkwaandemonan (Opening Doors For You) - Building Solutions Through Community VoicesEstimating Community Labour Market Indicators Between CensusesOpen To Growth; Exploring Dependence And The DDR In Northwestern OntarioAddressing Disparity In Employment Rates For Indigenous People In Remote CommunitiesCommunity Labour Market ReportsEmployerOne Survey Results - ReportApprenticeship Consortium Implementation Strategy Guide For The Thunder Bay DistrictEmployerOne Survey Results- Infographic2015 - 2017 Local Labour Market Market Plan2016 Update - Local Labour Market PlanRegional Human Resources Strategy Developmental Evaluation Final Report(March 2016)2015 EmployerOne Survey ResultsSocial Network Analysis As A Tool For Understanding The Workforce(March 2016)Building A Labour Supply Knowledge Network(March 2016)It`s What You Know (and Where You Can Go) - Human Capital And Agglomeration Effects On Demographic Trends In Northern Ontario (March 2015)Settling Down In The Northwest - Stability And Opportunity In The Northwestern Ontario Labour Market(March 2015)2014-2015 EmployerOne Survey Results(March 2015)The Emergence Of The Regional Human Resources Strategy(March 2015)Maximizing Apprenticeship Opportunities(March 2015) Community Videos: Unique Workforce NeedsMarch, 2014 Occupational Time Continuum In Mining(March 28-2014)Begin Your Journey Here (Regional Youth In Mining)(February18-19, 2014)Construction Labour Market Outlook For Northwestern OntarioAboriginal Trades & Employment Symposium - Final ReportSeptember 18 & 20, 2012Health Human Resources Study: Forecasting Needs In Northwestern Ontario 2013-2025Main ReportThink Globally, Act Locally - Reading The Future: Thunder Bay District & Future Backwards Exercise FindingsThe Workforce Multiplier Effect Of Local Farms And Food Processors In Northwestern Ontario Addendum - Custom Labour Market Report - Thunder Bay District Mining IndustryThis addendum came out of the Northern Colleges & Planning Boards partnership. It is an addition to the February 2012 report.Health Human Resources Study: Forecasting Needs In Northwestern Ontario 2013-2025Technical AppendixHealth Human Resources Study: Forecasting Needs In Northwestern Ontario 2013-2025Executive Summary & Conclusion Northern Community Capacity CommitteeSummary of proceedings from committee Northern Colleges & Planning Boards GroupMarch 2012 - March 2013Regional Career Fair 2011 Final Report Custom Labour Market Report - Thunder Bay District Mining IndustryMarch 2012Aboriginal Workforce Resource ConferenceFinal Report detailing the proceedings from this November 2011 event Mission Employability VI: MiningMarch 2012 Economic And Labour Market Guidance: Thunder Bay CMAMarch 2012 Thunder Bay Immigration Forum: Moving Forward TogetherNovember 2011Transitioning Thunder Bay To A Knowledge EconomyMission Employability V: Skilled Trades(November 2010)Older Worker Kit For Employees(Updated 2010) Older And Experienced Worker Forum - Employment Ontario Programs Expo Final ReportOlder Worker Kit For Employers(Updated 2010)Thunder Bay Immigration Forum: Strengthening The FoundationDr Rick Miner - Preparing Our Future Employees Today For The Jobs Of TomorrowGraduate Retention And The Economy Of Northwestern OntarioBuilding A Superior Workforce: 2009-2012 Labour Market Action PlanMission Employability IV: Medical ResearchBlueprint For The Future Final Report Blueprint for the Future Final Report Final Report released by the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation. NSWPB hosted a "Trendy Jobs" Workshop during this conference in February 2010. Thunder Bay Immigration Forum: Filling The GapsNovember 10, 2009 Thunder Bay Workers' Forum Older Worker Resource Kit For Employers(January 2009) Check Up - A Guide To Health Care Careers In Northwestern Ontario(2009) Adjustment Guidebook(2008) Northern Ontario Women's Economic Development Conference (April 29-30, 2008) A Policy Institute For Northwestern Ontario(Fall 2008) A Kit For Older Workers(January 2009) Aboriginal Housing And Training(2008) Impact Of Closures And Layoffs In The District Of Thunder Bay - (June 2006) Mission Employability III - Health Care Opportunities (April-Sept 2007) Learning To Build Communities Exploring Opportunities For Aboriginal Training And Housing Emerging Opportunities In The Knowledge Economy – NWO Policy Research Institute Report Impact Of Closures And Layoffs In The District Of Thunder Bay - (June 2006) Health Care Career Opportunities In Northwestern Ontario Strategies For Developing A Broadly Based Regional Knowledge Economy In Northwestern Ontario (2006) Adjustment Action Summit 2006 Proceedings & Summary Of Evaluations Report Community Needs Assessment And Planning Project Health Care Career Opportunities In Nwo Impact Of Closures And Layoffs-june 06 Adjustment Action Summit October 18 2006 Proceedings And Summary Of Evaluations Strategies For Developing A Broadly Based Regional Knowledge Economy Nipigon Community Consultation September 15 2006 Report Mission Employability Executive Summary Aboriginal Employment Training And Education Resource Manual Youth Week Experience Strength Hope2 Youth Conference 2004 Report Youth Conference 20044 Workforce Development Forum3 Womens Leadership Forum 20056 Workforce Development Forum Taking Action 2004 Report Skills Work For Women Networking Evening3 Northern Ontario Wlf Summary Of Workshops Apprenticeship Forum2 Passport To Prosperity Phasev3 Now Project With Paro3 Aboriginal Guidebook4

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

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